We bring the most relevant, unbiased, impartial and accurate news as much as possible.  We do so by tapping into the major news websites around the world, and also the most excellent independent news websites.  These websites have had the benefit of undergoing reputation management and internet marketing from firms that specialize in such.  What sort of news items will the readers of the website expect?  We strive to be as extensive and far-reaching as possible, covering news in different regions of the world and looking at various angles.


The news headlines that we feature on our webpage come from different parts of the world, all coming from various sources.  Our world news headlines include those that may be ignored by major news outlets. For instance, when our byline reads “Election 2016” it does not only mean the Presidential Elections in the United States.  Although admittedly the whole word is interested on the outcome of the American elections, we also consider the fact that there are other countries around the world that will have presidential elections in 2016, and it is equally important to their region.

Part of our headline cluster is the “Developing Story” page, where we follow the story of the biggest headlines, even weeks or months after they hit the front page.  If applicable, we also have “The Angles”, which tells the story from a different point of view.

Opinion Page      

Our opinion page takes the news headlines and breaks it down into its finer points.  It contains commentaries, news analysis, op-ed (opinion editorial) from the best and brightest editors in the world.  We also consider the viewpoint of industry experts.  In this part, we consider diverse and sometimes extreme viewpoints.  Our goal here is not to induce controversy but to present various points of view to readers.  We want readers to form their own opinions and think critically. One sub-feature of the Opinion Page is “Room for Debate”, where we ask the readers to share their opinions.

Regional Divisions

There is some news that is relevant only in a certain region.  Our website also offers readers the option to choose which region they want to concentrate on.  The United Kingdom, for instance, covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The United States Region covers all 50 states and its 16 territories, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The North America Region covers all the countries in the continent except for the United States.  This includes Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Dominican Republic, among other countries.

The Latin America Region consists of the twelve sovereign governments and two non-sovereign states that comprise the continent. The Caribbean Region consists of those islands on the Caribbean Sea, which are mostly territories of other countries, such as Saint Martin, The British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Caribbean Netherlands, Martinique, Barbados and other islands.  Australia and the Pacific consist of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Palau, Solomon Islands, and all the other islands dotting the Pacific.

The Middle East composes of countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, etc.  East Asia Region encompasses the countries of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and others.  Europe comprises all European countries except for the United Kingdom, and Africa comprises of all the countries in the continent.


The website will be divided into several sections, too.  Sports News will comprise of news from all over the world about popular worldwide team and individual sports. Our media section will have a special feature called “social media alert”, which features trending stories. Our section on Human Rights, Social Justice and the Environment also feature ways on how to spur the reader to action.