Golf Shoes and Other Shoes

Golf-ShoesOne common concern of people who are beginners in the game of golf is whether or not it is necessary to immediately purchase and wear golf shoes from the start of the training. This apprehension is due to the fact that a pair of shoes for golf can be a bit expensive. Most entry-level shoes are in fact available on the market for at least fifty dollars. There are some beginner golfers who do not want to buy a pair of shoes specifically-crafted for the golf course, because they are still undecided on whether they plan to play golf regularly or just occasionally.

So, instead of golf shoes, most beginners choose to wear a pair of either average sneakers or tennis shoes. The truth is that the type of shoes that a player wears in the golf course will certainly have an effect not only on his performance, but also on his whole playing experience on the golf course. With that said, it can be concluded that sporting sneakers or tennis shoes are not highly recommended for several obvious reasons.

Anyone who plans to play golf for a longer period should be aware why it is better to get a pair of golf shoes instead of opting for regular sneakers or shoes that are manufactured exclusively for another sport.


First of all, a regular sneaker is not equipped with the necessary traction that is basically required to play properly.

Shoes made for the game of golf are undeniably crafted with additional traction on the soles. Metal spikes have been used for extra traction in the past but due to technological developments and environmental reasons, plastic rounded attachments or nubs have been introduced. These nubs offer stability and traction just like metal spikes. The only difference is that nubs are more environment-friendly because they do not damage the green and fairways of the golf course.


Next, an average athletic shoe that is not fabricated to be used in the golf course does not have weather protection.

Golf ShoesA beginner golfer oftentimes reasons out that it is acceptable to wear non-golf shoes because he will never play under the rain. But, more often than not, a golfer will be playing a golf course wherein the grass remains dewy or slightly wet because it rained the night before. Even a tennis shoe which can be used outdoors can easily get soaked with just wet grass. No golfer wants to play or walk around wearing wet shoes because doing so isn’t comfortable. Most shoes made especially for golf are oftentimes water resistant and some brands offer waterproof ones.


Third, a golf shoe offers support and breath ability, which can never be provided by regular athletic shoes.

These benefits are important because playing golf means walking towards several golf balls and making a number of shots. Even though a golfer can ride a golf cart, his feet will absolutely feel tired. It is a given fact that a golf shoe is made in such a way that it ensures comfort all throughout the day.


Lastly, a beginner golfer should without doubt wear golf shoes in the course because not sporting a pair will make him look incomplete.

Believe it or not, most golfers, novices and experts alike, wear golf-specific shoes in golf clubs and even in public golf courses. Well, in fact, most golf courses now require players to wear proper shoes.

Buying golf equipment can be expensive but anyone who plans to learn and play golf must consider that this as an investment that does not only help in improving one’s game but also ensures an enjoyable time in the course.

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